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Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Tamalpais Path, Berkeley Hills

The Tamalpais Path

...the steps begin in the redwood-shaded corner of Berkeley's Codornices Park, you cross a wooden bridge over Codornices Creek. As you begin to ascend concrete steps, you pass by another bridge that leads to a residence.  You can continue to rise a total of 183 steep steps, through a wildish mini- canyon thick with ivy and blackberry bushes and a wild cherry tree under a canopy of bays, redwoods, and oaks...

At the top of the steps at 149 Tamalpais, stands an impressive residence from the early 20th century, three levels, clad in stucco plaster and redwood shingles...sketched view below...

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  1. The Fairbanks-Rowell House - built in 1906, extensively remodeled in 1921 by John Hudson Thomas.


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