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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Inspirational talk by Candy Chang, Leaders Breakfast, IIDA

An inspirational Talk on Wednesday morning, by the artist, Candy Chang.  Held at the Four Seasons hotel in San Francisco, by the IIDA...Multi-dimensional and social network crossover coolness captures the essence of our dreams, needs and realities.  She now lives in New Orleans (bonus points!) and speaks about the amazing uniqueness of the city and the people.  Her focus is always on the person, the soul, and how we all need to help each other and pull our society back up out of the mud...these are my notes...

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  1. Hi Doug,

    Thanks for the kind words - I really appreciate it and so happy to hear you grew up in New Orleans! Your sketch of my talk is so wonderful. It's so fun to see it in this new way. Keep making beautiful things and I hope our paths cross again.



Grand Canyon Sketches 2009

Grand Canyon Sketches 2009
a selection of sketches from the Grand Canyon