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Friday, August 11, 2017

Wandering around the Myojyoji Temple on the Noto peninsula...

... a portion of the scene from the temple grounds...

Founded in 1294 by the Japanese saint Nichizo, a disciple of the Nichiren Sect, the Myōjō-ji Temple is located in on the Noto Peninsula south of Wajima, and is now the head temple of the Nichiren Sect.

Myōjō-ji Temple consists of a set of large buildings, set on atop a hill, which were created over the last six centuries. One of them is the priest’s living quarters, built in 1593, and some of the more striking ones include the Goju-no-To (35m tall 5 storied pagoda) built in 1618 and the Joroku-do Hall, located at the very far end of the temple.

I spent three humid hot hours wandering the grounds of the temple and buildings.  Dragonflies darted in the shadows and Semi (cicadas) were singing in the trees.  It looked like it would really rain but no water ever touched the ground...

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