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Friday, November 22, 2013

Visions and introspections and palpable spaces...

Just a simple text posting, inspirational writing from a fellow artist, Christopher Benson.

"...What inspired me at the time was how antithetical to illustration Diebenkorn’s pictures were. His innovation of blending abstraction and figuration in the most mundane domestic subjects is so well known, and now so clich├ęd as a stylistic device, that it’s easy to overlook how dramatically that sort of approach changed the way we look at and experience paintings. 
This was a revolution that the Impressionists had started a century earlier, but Diebenkorn’s later efinement of many of their same principles — by then also affected by the pure expressive abstraction of New York school painters like deKooning — is an outstanding realization of the potential of this  kind of art. His images, taken from clearly regional Californian places, transcend the constraints of the local (and any specific emotions he might have felt about his own locale) and record a vision both introspective and universal.
His earnestly un-romanticized, yet aesthetically beautiful surfaces and compositions describe one narrow world with great specificity while maintaining a remoteness and neutrality onto which anybody anywhere might plausibly project their own experience. Perhaps that was not his intention, but it is nonetheless what he accomplished in his figurative work..."

...earlier landscape view painting layered sereis, set into moss garden mid springtime...

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Grand Canyon Sketches 2009

Grand Canyon Sketches 2009
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